We solve your floor plan puzzle

solve your

Our interactive 3D models empower residents to lock down their room layout and take the drama out of move-in day.

Our Platform

Technology that brings your room to the palm of your hand.
Hyper Accurate Measurements
Expansive Marketplace
Roomie Collaboration

We measure surface dimensions within millimeters of accuracy giving residents peace of mind that their stuff fits where it's supposed to be.

Residents can browse and select from a growing collection of furnishings to drag and drop in their new space.

Take the friction out of shared living with intuitive collaboration tools that make roommate communication a breeze.

Who We Partner With

From campus dorms    to city condos,    Roomie is the perfect fit for students and tenants    alike.
Schools & Universities

You’re a School Administrator looking to save department time and make student move-in day fun and stress free.

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Owners & Managers

You’re a Property Manager looking to get an edge on marketing to attract new tenants with turnkey experiences.

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The Process

We measure, you make it your own

Roomie is easy to set up, requires little to no integration, and is offered at no cost to you and your residents

Step 1

Over the course of 1-2 days we’ll take scans of all your unique floor plans within a millimeter of accuracy.

Step 2

Our team works with you to refine and configure layouts of each floor plan we scan.

Step 3

We generate unique links for you to send to residents or use in marketing materials.

Platform Features

Fully interactive

Anything that can be moved around in real life can be dragged-and-dropped around Roomie’s platform


Drag-and-drop products from our integrated marketplace to virtually design your room; shop confidently from multiple retailers with one click


Our digital world is quickly becoming more immersive. From browsers to headsets, Roomie enables seeing your room your way

Pixel perfect

We love unique rooms! If the carpet has a funky pattern in real life, it will have the same funky pattern in your Roomie model

Hyper accurate

We aim for within-millimeters accuracy, whether it's through analyzing detailed architectural files or scanning the physical space


Most people don’t live alone – Roomie provides the tools to communicate and collaborate in a fun and safe way

Give your residents the tools to lock down their layouts with Roomie
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About Roomie

Empowering residents to confidently step into their new spaces for 10+ years.

Roomie indexes the world’s interiors and make them shoppable. Our aim is to create an easier, more equitable, and greener move-in experience.

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