A better way to plan and shop for your space

See your room, in 3D, with furniture and decor you can buy on the spot.

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Schools we work with

BatesElon UniversityLoyola University MarylandUMass LowellUniversity of New HampshireOle MissPepperdineBatesElon UniversityLoyola University MarylandUMass LowellUniversity of New HampshireOle MissPepperdine

Key Features

Fewer calls

Summer is often the busiest time of the year for residential life staff members.  With Roomie, parents and students can get answers to most of their questions without having to call in.

Better info for students

In our summer 2020 survey of 15,000 incoming first-year students, 84% said they spent time researching residence hall options, and 95% of that group said more photos and videos were desired.

Easier move-ins

Roomie helps schools reduce move-in congestion and mail center wait times by bringing items to campus early. This helps create a smoother, less stressful arrival to campus for students and parents.

How it works
We come and take scans of every unique floor plan
Our team works with you to configure layouts of each floor plan
Upon housing assignments, you send students their unique links

Supercharge your resident's room planning with:

3D Models of every room

Accurate surface dimensions means fewer calls from students/parents about room details.

Fully interactive

Every piece of furniture can be moved and adjusted.

Collaborative Tools

Roommate collaboration and layout confirmation (fewer roommate conflicts).


How much does this cost the university?

The Roomie Planner is free for the university and its students.

How long does it take to scan a university?

Typically 1-2 days

How accurate are the models?

The measurements are taken within a millimeter of accuracy

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