Property Owners & Managers

Gain a foothold on your square footage

Boost property value in the eyes of tenants looking for better experiences and greater control over their space.

Roomie's Value to Your Business

Add appeal to your    property listing and attract quality    tenants.
Create a New Revenue Stream

85% of incoming students bring used furniture from a friend or relative.

Partnering with Roomie creates a new revenue opportunity. When tenants shop for their apartments, our revenue share helps capture cash previously left on the table that goes directly to your bottom line.

Supercharge Marketing

Facilitate virtual leasing in a hands-on, never-seen-before way that helps close faster while surprising and delighting tenants.

Increase Retention & Satisfaction

85% of incoming students bring used furniture from a friend or relative.

Offer a new, exciting amenity that gives your tenants the ability to understand and customize their spaces like never before.

Our Platform

Technology that brings your room to the palm of your hand.

Value to your Tenants

Improve the lives of residents by taking the drama    out of moving.
Make moving to your property an
elevated experience

Tenants agree that move-in is by far the most painful part of the apartment process. Make the planning, shopping, and furnishings easy and fun with accurate dimensions and slick tech.

Give new tenants access to an expansive furnishings marketplace

Most renters are upgrading their square footage and need help filling their new place with the things that make it home. Our marketplace allows them to drag, drop, and order new furnishings with threshold delivery.

"Roomie is an amazing amenity for both tenants and owners. Tenants can seamlessly design their space while owners gain an additional revenue stream to supplement rental income."

Paolo Boero
OTH Capital

Roomie's Impact by the Numbers


Students using Roomie this year


Ivy League Schools Using Roomie


Dorms scanned and cataloged

Empower your students to unlock their layouts with Roomie
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Frequently Asked Questions from Property Managers just like yourself.
Are there ongoing costs to partnering with Roomie?

No – our model is solely based on sales conversions through the platform

Can the models be uploaded into our housing software?

We are yet to find a housing software that does not work with our link upload process. It usually takes only a few minutes

How long does the process take?

The scanning process typically takes 1-2 days on site, then our team just needs a few weeks to complete your models. Simple as that.

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