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From reducing student anxieties to giving administrators more time, Roomie improves campus life one residence at a time.

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Roomie's Value to Students & Parents

Eliminate the stress    of college life by making move-in    a snap.
Every corner is a canvas of opportunity

Students spend a lot of time researching and customizing their dorms before move in day. Give students greater visibility into their space and an opportunity to express themselves.

Make move-in a positive experience

Students least favorite day of the year is move-in day… ranking even lower than finals! Alleviate those initial anxieties and make their transition to campus a memorable and information time.

Level the Playing Field for All Students

Many Students do their dorm shopping before move in day. One of the biggest pain points is not knowing if ‘stuff’ fits in their new space. Our app and marketplace help students from all walks of life arrive to campus with confidence.

Our Platform

Technology that brings your room to the palm of your hand.

Value to your institution

Modernize your campus with time-saving technology all at    no cost to you.
We Pay You

There is no cost to partner with Roomie. Period. When students shop for their rooms, our revenue share helps capture cash left on the table and puts it back into the campus.

Reduce Dorm Inquiries

During the summer, housing departments are inundated with students calling about dorm details. With Roomie, students can answer most of their questions without having to call in.

Streamline Move-in

The chaos of move-in day used to be an inevitability. No more! Reduce congestion and mail center wait times by bringing items to campus early.

“Once students receive their housing assignment, being able to see the dimensions and understand the layout of the room is a huge advantage”

Garrison, Assistant Director for Housing Operations
Loyola University Maryland

Roomie's impact by the numbers


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Minutes saved/week for your campus Housing Office

Empower your students to unlock their layouts with Roomie
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Frequently Asked Questions from University Administrators just like yourself.
Are there ongoing costs to partnering with Roomie?

No – our model is solely based on sales conversions through the platform

Why should students purchase through Roomie?

With accurate measurements, interactive 3D room design, and in-dorm delivery prior to move in, we’re confident that we offer students a game-changing experience compared to traditional retail.

How do you get items into the space prior to move-in?

Roomie has exclusive partnerships with dozens of top universities

What if a hall is renovated or occupancy needs to change?

Models can be edited directly in the admin console by campus administrators or the Roomie team

Can items be restricted?

Yes, any item not allowed in the handbook will not be included

What items will be on the platform?

Necessities (Twin XL sheets, pillows, toiletries, etc) as well as commonly bought furnishing (storage bins, décor, lighting, etc)

Can Roomie be used on marketing websites?

Yes – we can provide links, GIFs, or 360 photos for your websites to show off your residential spaces!

Can the models be uploaded into our housing software?

We are yet to find a housing software that does not work with our link upload process. It usually takes only a few minutes

How long does the process take?

The scanning process typically takes 1-2 days on site, then our team just needs a few weeks to complete your models. Simple as that.

How many campuses are you working with?

Roomie has created partnerships with dozens of tier 1 campuses, accounting for more than 150,000 students on-campus

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